Prayer Board Craft


This week we’re having a lesson on prayer, but the focus is more practical.  We’re simply talking about how prayer keeps us close to God and then practicing some different ways to pray that are accessible to kids.  This prayer display board is one of our activities.  This is a sample I made last night.  Below is another sample made by Loopy, another teacher.


This board is a little easier for younger kids to make because they just need to wrap the yarn around the board.  The first version requires figuring out a pleasing arrangement, cutting ribbon to specific lengths, and taping each piece in place.  Better for the older kids.


I cut out 11″x11″ squares of cardboard.  When my cardboard ran out, I cut out the fronts and backs of cereal boxes.  For the samples we used cereal boxes, with the front wrapped in scrapbook paper.  You can find a wide variety of designs.  Below are some that Loopy pre-made for the younger kids.



It’s best to use thinner scrapbook paper on cardboard to make it easier to wrap.  Thicker paper is good for the cereal boxes, to add some strength to their natural floppiness.


We tried duct tape, strapping tape, and masking tape to secure the paper.  Masking tape is the best, with duct tape being a close second.  Don’t bother with strapping tape.  Once you’ve finished wrapping your board, simply write down some things/people you’d like to pray about and slip them in the ribbons or yarn.



Mother’s Day Card 1


We offered the kids three different choices of cards to make on Mothers Day.  This cute card it very easy to make and it earns keepsake points because the flowers are made from the child’s fingerprints.  The original idea comes from


Inside I wrote  “If moms were flowers, I’d pick you!”

Clown Fix-a-Flat

This fun idea originally came from Jodie the Clown, someone I met through a clown forum.  These giveaways are super-easy to make, and fun to give as a gag, at Halloween, or just because.  I’ve included a document that you can use to print off your own Fix-A-Flat labels.  Let me know if you have issues with opening it, and I’ll try to save it in a different format.



  • Clown Fix-A-Flat document:  clown-fix-a-flat
  • Heavy card stock
  • Computer & printer
  • Scissors
  • Individually wrapped bubble gum
  • Resealable plastic jewelry bags
  • Cookie



1. Print the Fix-A-Flat document onto the card stock and cut out.

2. Insert one piece of bubble gum and one label into each plastic bag.  They’re ready to be given away!

3. Reward yourself with the cookie.