Child of God Game


The older kids split up in pairs and played this fun game for our lesson, “I Am a Child of God.”  When we got home my seven-year-old saw it on the table and asked if we could play it again.  I guess someone enjoyed it!  You can download the file at KugAlls.

Tip: Use wet erase markers.  I tried dry erase and had a hard time getting them clean again.

Child of God Snack


Today we focused on how we are adopted into God’s family when we accept Jesus as our Savior.  Our snack was cupcakes.  These ones with a message written on them was my original idea, but I forgot to bring my camera to church.  So I had to do this when I got home.  You could put any appropriate message on the cupcakes, such as:


I have a couple of tips.  Don’t put the decorator’s gel on until you uncover them for serving.  Putting plastic wrap over the letters will make them get squashed and difficult to read.  Also, think about which colors might stain the kids’ clothing.  I didn’t use black at church because I knew we’d end up with some ruined outfits.

DIY Easter Placemat


In the past we’ve had an Easter breakfast.  We’ve had to look for ways to keep the kids entertained, and this placemat was one of those ways.  One of our ladies found free online clipart, a dot-to-dot, a maze, and a word search and figured out how to resize and arrange them.  She also inserted a couple of grids to play tic-tac-toe.  She made a design for each side.  If you want to do something similar, just find some free online printables and someone who knows how to resize and assemble them for you.

Our Daily Bread Promise Box


I try to bring faith discussions to the table when we’re having dinner.  Everyone is there and it seems like the kids are more willing to slow down and talk.  I bought the Our Daily Bread Promise Box from CBD.  It’s a small plastic loaf of bread with little Scripture cards sticking out of the middle.  The cards are printed on both sides with a Bible verse.  The verses are the KJV, which is a little hard for kids to understand.  I’d love it if they made an NIV version of this.  This is just a fun little tool that you can use at your dinner table to share a verse and get the kids involved in discussing faith matters.


Scripture Block Craft

IMG_4412 cr

We did this craft for VBS.  The design on the front of the block is smeared because I don’t have permission to share it.  The Scripture card is from Mercy Ink.  Scroll down a bit and you’ll find the free download.  You can find similar cards if you do a Google search.  Print them on cardstock so they are strong enough to stay up.



- 2×4 wooden boards

- saw

- tape measure

- sander

- craft wire

- wire snips

- pliers

- staple gun

- paintbrushes

- paint (black & other colors you like)

- paint trays

- printed design for front of block (Something like, “I will hide God’s word in my heart.”)

- glue

- printed Scripture cards on cardstock



1. Cut 2×4 into 4″ lengths.

2. Sand edges to make smooth.

3. Paint front and back faces of block with black paint.  Let dry.

4. Cut off approximately 12″ length of craft wire and bend into shape so that it will hold a photo.

5. Staple to top of block.

6. Paint sides of block with whatever color you like.

7. Paint front of block with glue (over the dried black paint).

8. Lay printed design for front of block on top of this.  Smooth out.  Paint another layer of glue over the paper.

9. Write child’s name on bottom of block.

10. Let dry and the children can display their Scripture card in it.

I Can Pray Craft


Another activity for our hands-on prayer lesson was making these “I Can Pray When I…” spinning wheels.  The design comes from Crafting the Word of God.  It has pictures for when a child is eating, washing dishes, going to bed, and playing.  It helps kids realize that they can talk to God anytime, not just when they’re sitting down to eat.

If I Were A Missionary Sheet

IMG_4334 cr

This is something I came up with the morning of our lesson on Our Own Mission Field.  That’s why it looks so *ahem* professional.  We had talked about foreign missions for three weeks previous, so the kids had a better understanding of what a missionary is and what they do.  I wanted them to think about what they would do if they were missionaries and where they would go.  We got lots of interesting answers: Africa, our own town, Nigeria, China, Milwaukee, etc.  I also wanted them to think about what they would tell other people about God.  This is my daughter’s paper.  She wanted me to write it for her.

Once all the kids were done with their sheets, we had them stand up front on a chair and share with the class where they would go and what they would say.  It was a fun activity and it was really enjoyable to hear what the kids came up with.  Next time we do this, I’ll have to type up a real worksheet.